Parish Endowment


The purpose of the St. Mary of Elizabeth Parish Endowment Program is to provide financial resources for the long-term financial needs, operation, and growth of the St. Mary of Elizabeth Parish, its mission, programs and physical plant. Program options: 1) Parish fund is established to serve as a permanent endowment resource to provide funds for the maintenance and renovation of the parish church and other facilities, for existing and future ministries within the parish, and for the general welfare, material and spiritual benefit and support of the religious, educational and/or charitable needs of St. Mary Church, Elizabeth, IL. 2) Cemetery fund is created for the purpose of providing for the annual maintenance and operation of the St. Mary of Elizabeth Parish Cemetery and for the perpetual care of individual cemetery sites. If the proceeds from the Cemetery Fund exceed the needs and purposes of the cemetery, then the parish may exercise the option to use them for other parish needs and purposes, as determined by the pastor and parish finance council.