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St. Mary, Huntley
10307 Dundee Road
Huntley, IL 60142

Parish - Frances M. Kreutzer
The earnings from this account are to be used at the discretion of the pastor for the necessities of St. Mary Church, Huntley.

Parish Endowment
The St. Mary of Huntley Church Endowment Fund in the Catholic Foundation was created to serve as a permanent endowment resource for the general welfare, benefit and support of the religious , educational and/or charitable needs of St. Mary of Huntley Church. All income and earnings resulting from this endowment fund are to be used on behalf of the church and the parish at the discretion and determination of the pastor and/or other persons who possess the legitimate authority to render such financial decisions under the regulations and policies of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Diocese of Rockford. At no time may the income and/or earnings of this endowment fund be used in a way contrary to the doctrine, policies, regulations or interests of the Catholic Church, the Diocese of Rockford or St. Mary of Huntley Church.

Religious Education Endowment
The account has been established in November 2000, by the Board of Directors of the McHenry County Catholic Education Foundation with funds from the dissolution of the Foundation to continue the purposes as designated when the Foundation was established in 1973. To operate exclusively for religious, educational, and charitable purposes. To provide financial support to all facets of Catholic education within the parish including Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, adult education, and any other present or future Catholic education programs. To reduce, but not guarantee the reduction of parish assessments levied to meet operating costs of the religious education programs; to reduce but not guarantee the reduction of tuition, fees and other assessments levied against students participating in the religious education programs; to reduce but not guarantee the reduction of the cost of education for needy students by providing scholarships; and to assist any other worthy educational programs or projects.