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Newman Central Catholic High School
1101 West 23rd Street
Sterling, IL 61081

Bittorf Scholarship
The purpose of this account is to disperse accrued interest in the amount of 75% of the Newman tuition for the first student annually to assist a Newman Central Catholic High School student with tuition cost.

Education Endowment
The Newman CCHS of Sterling Education Endowment Account in the Catholic Foundation is intended to provide financial resources for the mission, programs, operation, improvement and/or maintenance of facilities, long-term continuation and growth of Newman CCHS of Sterling IL. All earnings resulting from this endowment trust are to be used according to the purposes of the trust on behalf on Newman CCHS of Sterling at the discretion of the Superintendent and/or Principal once said earnings are designated and approved by the Newman Council of Administration for Newman's use. In the event that Newman Central Catholic High School ceases to operate, the said endowment trust account will be used to serve the general welfare, benefit and support of the religious educational needs of the Catholic Schools and/or Catholic Education in the Sterling Deanery.

Edward W Grennan Family Fund
This Scholarship provides support for students at Newman Central Catholic High School.

General Scholarship Endowment
The General Scholarship Endowment Fund for Newman CCHS is established and is made up of pooled funds received from families, students and parents, alumni and friends, teachers and administrators who intend that their donations will provide tuition and scholarship assistance to students attending Newman CCHS. Every effort will be made to keep records of those who make significant donations to this fund. The primary purpose of the general scholarship endowment fund is to provide tuition and/or scholarship assistance from the earnings of the endowment according to the rules of the Catholic Foundation to students who attend Newman CCHS in Sterling, IL.

Margaret Mary And John Smidebush Scholarship
The Margaret Mary & John Smidebush Scholarship Endowment was established in 1998 in memory of Margaret Mary Smidebush. Both John and Margaret Mary were graduates of Community High School (now Newman CCHS). This scholarship will provide financial assistance to a female graduate of Newman Central Catholic High School who attends Webster University, St. Louis Missouri or any other Catholic University/College to pursue a degree major or minor in the field of Physical Education. The scholarship will be controlled and administered by Newman Central Catholic High School according to scholarship purpose, prerequisites, criteria and by-laws of The Catholic Foundation.

Msgr. Raymond Wahl Endowment
The earnings from this endowment will be used for salaries, repairs, capital improvements, and other school purposes.

Rev. Matthew A. Vanderbleek Scholarship
This memorial for Rev. Matthew A. VanderBleek has been reestablished for the purpose of providing tuition assistance for students who attend Newman Central Catholic High School in Sterling, Illinois.

Robert A. Propheter Scholarship
The Robert A. Propheter Scholarship Endowment was established to award a full tuition scholarship to a student attending Newman Central Catholic High School who applies him or herself academically and has a financial need.

William E. Eberley Scholarship
This scholarship is in memory of William E. Eberley to any student who desires to apply his/her talents in the nurturing and Christ centered environment offered by Newman Central Catholic High School.