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Our Lady of Good Counsel, Aurora
615 Talma Street
Aurora, IL 60505

Msgr. Raymond Wahl Endowment
The purpose of this account is to be used for the general needs of the parish and school.

Parish -Blessed Assurance Endowment
Long-term growth of funds to aid in maintenance of an aging facility.

School - Cornerstone of Faith Endowment
Financial security for the future of the school.

Shoger-Cox Tuition Endowment
Any and all earnings are restricted for the Alice Shoger Cox Tuition Assistance Endowment, to benefit a student of Aurora Central Catholic High School. Mrs. Cox has requested that upon her death, the remainder of her Charitable Gift Annuity be put into an endowment and that the earnings are to benefit an eighth grade student at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Aurora who attends Aurora Central Catholic High School in Aurora, Illinois. The applicant must be an above average student, have strong character, and attend mass regularly. Mrs. Cox requested that the parish and school leadership at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish collaborate with the administrative leadership at Aurora Central to determine which applicant is most deserving of the award. The applicant will receive awards for the four years he or she attends Aurora Central. If the current recipient should leave Aurora Central prior to graduating, then another worthy eighth grade applicant from Our Lady of Good Counsel is to be chosen. If at any point during his or her attendance at Aurora Central, the current recipient is no longer deemed eligible based on the qualifications previously mentioned, Mrs. Cox has requested that another worthy eighth grade student from Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish be chosen. Mrs. Cox leaves that judgment up to the leadership at the Parish and School. Mrs. Cox has also requested that prior to making any award, the first 10% of the total dollar earnings of the endowment each year be reinvested into the corpus.