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Income Fund

The objective of the Income Fund is to earn a higher level of income than is ordinarily available in less risk Treasury Bills or Money Market funds. In order to achieve this return the Fund's assets will usually be invested in bonds, convertible securities and other high-yielding securities. The return expectation is to outperform the Barclay's Aggregate Bond Index.

You would be interested in investing your endowment monies in the Income Fund if...

  • Your need is for current income.

  • You are looking for higher income potential than currently available from Certificates of Deposit, Money Market Funds or Treasury Bills.

  • You are less willing to accept market risk.

  • You want the safety and security of investing in fixed income securities.

  • You want a portfolio with a diversity of fixed income investment styles.

  • You want full-time, independent professional portfolio management.

Growth of $1,000

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