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Balanced Fund

The objective of the Balanced Fund is a combination of capital appreciation and income. The assets of this Fund will ordinarily be invested in equities, convertibles, and a wide range of fixed income securities. Currently allocation of the Fund's assets is 70% equities and 30% fixed income. The equity portion of the fund will mirror the Growth Fund and the fixed income portion will mirror the Income Fund.

The Fund equity portion is managed with equal emphasis on the following investment styles: large cap value, large cap growth, international, mid-cap, and small cap. The funds income portion is managed using three fixed income investment styles. The return expectation is to outperform a benchmark composite of the Standard & Poors 500 Index, Morgan Stanley Capital International World Index, and the Barclay's Aggregate Bond Index.

Currently the asset allocation of the Balanced fund is 70% equities and 30% fixed income.

You would be interested in investing your endowment monies in the Balanced Fund if . . .

  • You want the stock market growth potential with less risk than if you invested in an all stock portfolio.

  • You like the flexibility of investing in both stocks and bonds, seeking the greatest potential for reward.

  • You want some income return with the added dimension of long-term growth.

  • You have a time horizon of 3 - 5 years.

  • You want four-way diversification designed to help reduce risk and volatility.

  • You want stocks and bonds, domestic and international equities, value and growth style investment management, and large and mid-cap equities.

  • You want full-time professional, independent portfolio management.

Growth of $1,000

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